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WizCite Web (for WordPress)
* Google Docs has rolled out major changes to their platform on June 17 2010 to accommodate new features such as quick sharing options, allowing real time collaborations and so on. WizCite is NOT compatible with the new platform of Google Docs. We are currently working with Google to make WizCite compatible with Google docs.
  1. Install WizCite Bookmarklet: (Firefox, Chrome & Safari)

    Internet Explorer currently is not supported.


    To install the WizCite, if you are using:
    • Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari: Drag the the "WizCite" button to your bookmarks toolbar.

    * For Chrome users: In some version of Chrome, there is a bug that prevents you from dragging the WizCite button into the bookmark bar (See Issue 12290). The temporary work around is to install WizAdd into the bookmark bar on Firefox then drag WizAdd from Firefox to the Chrome bookmark bar.
  2. Open a document

    You need to login to Wordpress.
  3. Click the WizCite button from your bookmarks

    Once you've opened the document you wish to cite, you'll need to click on the bookmark you made earlier on either your bookmarks toolbar, or via your browser's bookmark menu. WizCite will automatically appear inside the toolbox window.