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Install WizAdd
  1. Install WizAdd Bookmarklet:


    To install WizAdd, if you are using:
    • Internet Explorer: Right-click the button and choose Add to Favourites.
    • Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari: Drag the the "WizAdd" button to your bookmarks toolbar.

    * For Chrome users:
    In some version of Chrome, there is a bug that prevent you from dragging the WizAdd button into the bookmark bar (See Issue 12290). The temporary work around is to install WizAdd into the bookmark bar on Firefox then drag WizAdd from Firefox to the Chrome bookmark bar.

    * For iPad users:
    Currently, iPad does not support any direct way to add Javascript bookmarklets. However, there is a work around to add the WizAdd button into the browser.
    1. Go to, then add this page as Bookmark into Bookmarks Bar
    2. Click on the Bookmarks Bar icon show all the bookmarks
    3. Click Edit
    4. Select the Bookmark that you just added
    5. Change Bookmark name to WizAdd
    6. Copy and paste the code below to into Location field:

  2. Locate your Website

    You can go to the list of supported websites and import directly into your WizFolio.
  3. Click WizAdd in your bookmarks

    Click WizAdd on the page you wish to import into WizFolio account. WizAdd will automatically parse the bibliographic data from the webpage. For websites that are not listed under supported websites, you can highlight sections of webpages and save a copy of those webpages.