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Ten Reasons to use WizFolio
WizFolio simplifies journal reference management…almost as if it is magic.
A simple way to organize references
Organize your references with folders and preview bibliographic information all in a single page.
Import references directly from PDFs
Simply copy a list of reference from PDFs and other documents into WizFolio and the full matching bibliographic data will be imported into your account in a flash.
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Import bibliographic data directly from webpages
WizAdd imports bibliographic data directly from publishers’ webpages (including Scopus, Wiley Interscience, and the top 200 STM publishers covering over 50,000 journals). In addition, WizAdd also grabs free PDFs, videos, patents, web snippets and even copies of Webpages directly into your WizFolio account for access worldwide.
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Locate PDFs faster than before
Retrieve full-text articles with one click. WizFolio easily integrates your institution library settings to retrieve subscription-based articles.
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Upload Files and automatically obtain bibliographic data
Upload your PDFs into our online server and WizFolio will attempt to locate the bibliographic data.
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Collaborative citing with WizCite
The WizCite inserts citations into your document that are universally compatible with Microsoft Word, LibreOffice Writer and OpenOffice Writer (Windows and Mac). This means that you can cite in one word processor and send it to your colleague and he’ll be able to continue inserting citations and generate the bibliography even while using another word processor.
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Establish an Internet presence
WizFolio increases your footprint on the Internet, thereby increasing the chances of your publications being noticed and cited. A profile page displays your name and research interests together with a list of your publications and publicly shared collections of references. Other users can subscribe to your publications and publicly shared collections. By sharing your list of compiled references on specific topics, you can enhance your reputation as an expert in your domain.
Share your references
To share a folder with your colleagues, simply drag-and-drop their names into the folder. This provides you with a convenient platform for collaborative work. You can also share your publications and list of collected references with the public on your profile page.
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Manage all your bibliographic data in one place
Switching from other software to WizFolio is easy. Export your Endnote, RefWorks, Mendeley and Zotero collections to an .ris file and import directly into WizFolio (Watch Tutorial).
Say goodbye to endless updates
Because WizFolio is a web-based application, there’s no need to update your software ever. We do it all for you.