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Good to Know
We have done our best to make WizFolio the best reference management software possible. Despite our efforts, the performance of this product is still heavily dependent on factors out of our control. We are still improving these functions but these are the current limitations:
  1. Screen Resolution
    Minimum 1024x768pixels for optimal display of WizFolio interface.

  2. Internet Browser Compatibility
    Supported: IE 7, Firefox 3.6 and above, Safari 3 & above, Chrome 2 & above
    Not Supported: IE6, Opera

    WizFolio works best with Firefox.
    Because of the security setting on IE, some of the functionalities on WizFolio may not be as convenient to use.

    For IE8, please note that when prompted with the following message:
    Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?

    Please select NO, or else IE's security features will prevent the interface from loading properly.

  3. Flash Player
    You will need the latest Flash player which you can download here.

  4. WizCite
    Currently, WizCite supports MS Word 2003, 2007 and 2010 (Windows), OpenOffice 3.3 (Windows, Mac), Google Docs *, Google Sites, WordPress and Zoho Writer.

    For Word 2007, if WizCite does not automatically show in the tool bar (the add-ons plug-in did not automatically detect WizCite), right click in the toolbar area, and select WizCite.

    If WizCite still does not appear, the add-ons plug-in for Microsoft Word may not be functional; you may need to reinstall your Microsoft Word.

    * Google Docs has rolled out major changes to their platform on June 17 2010 to accommodate new features such as quick sharing options, allowing real time collaborations and so on. WizCite is NOT compatible with the new platform of Google Docs. We are currently working with Google to make WizCite compatible with Google docs.

  5. Locate PDF
    Please enable your browser to allow pop-up windows for the “Locate PDF” feature to function to work properly. For open access PDFs, we bring you to the PDF itself. For journals requiring subscriptions, we bring you to the journal log-in page. In some cases, if the wrong URL is given for a journal, please email the correct URL to us at and we will make the appropriate changes.

  6. Upload PDF
    WizFolio uses an intelligent algorithm to locate the matching bibliographic data for your uploaded PDFs. If the bibliographic data cannot be located, WizFolio will attempt to abstract as much information as possible and insert them in the most appropriate fields.

  7. Import from Clipboard
    This feature is optimized to collect bibliographic data for references from life-science publications. For other publications, we abstract as much information as possible and insert them in the most appropriate fields.

  8. WizAdd
    WizAdd will not work for Opera and IE 6.0.
    For YouTube videos where embedding is disabled by request, you can only import the URL and the title of the video.

  9. Export RIS
    This feature currently only exports the bibliographic data of your items. It does not export the attached files.

  10. Import RIS
    As not all software providers follow the official RIS format, if some of your bibliographic data is not added into the right fields, use “Locate Bibliography” in the Edit option to get the rest of the bibliography.

  11. Shared Folders
    If you wish to transfer a large number of items from a shared folder into your account, especially from accounts which are located in another country, please transfer them in batches of 200 items or less.