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Frequently Asked Questions
Which databases does WizFolio support?
With WizAdd, users can directly import references from publishers’ databases and proprietary databases including Engineering Village, IEEExplore, JSTOR, ProQuest, Pubmed, Scopus and etc.

In addition, WizAdd can import bibliographic data directly into your WizFolio account from the top 200 scientific publishers covering over 50,000 journals.

Click here for a complete list of supported databases.
How do I install WizAdd?
Essentially, WizAdd is a bookmarklet. Clicking on it while you are on a page will automatically trigger scripts to grab information from the page. In order to use WizAdd, you need to first add WizAdd in your browser's bookmark bar.

Click here to start using WizAdd.
How do I extract information from unsupported website?
WizAdd will automatically save the title and link for the webpage into your WizFolio account. To save text or images from the webpage into your WizFolio account, highlight the text or image before clicking on WizAdd. You can also archive the whole copy of the webpage when you click "Save SnapShot" in WizAdd.
Why isn’t WizAdd working for Internet Explorer 7?
In order for IE7 to be compatible with the new and more powerful WizAdd, the following settings are required:
  1. Go to Internet Options, under privacy tab, set privacy level to Medium.
  2. Click "Sites", type in "" and click "Allow".
  3. Go to Security tab, click on Trusted Sites.
  4. Click "Sites" and remove from the list of websites.
  5. Click OK.
Why does WizAdd keep prompting me to log-in?
You will need to set your browser to accept cookies.

For Firefox go to Tools/Options/Privacy tab. Under History, select Firefox will "use custom settings for history". Ensure that you put check marks next to "Accept cookies from site" and "Accept third party cookies".

For IE, go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy tab. Select "Allow all cookies".

For Google Chrome, go to Wrench Icon/ Options/"Under the Hood" tab. Under Cookie Settings, select "Allow all cookies".

For Safari, go to Gear Icon/ Preferences/ Security tab. Under Accept Cookies, select "Always".
How does WizAdd handle duplicates?
WizAdd uses WizFolio’s active duplicate check engine. For example if the Abstract field is empty and the new item has data in the Abstract field, then the data from the new item will be inserted into the existing item. If there are conflicting values in any of the fields, WizAdd will not replace the original bibliography.

Exception: For Webpages, if there are two similar webpage items having different bibliographic data, we will save them as two separate items. This will allow you to keep multiple web snippets from a single webpage.