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Frequently Asked Questions
Why have I have not received a confirmation email?
It is likely is that our email was filtered by a spam blocker. Please check the location where your "spam" is stored, you should find the confirmation email. If you are still unable to find the email please remove us from your blocked list. Do send us an email to so that we can assist you further.
How is my bandwidth allowance calculated?
The bandwidth allowance is based on the amount of data you send to and download from WizFolio. This is reset to zero at the start of every month.
Monthly bandwidth is 200MB of item/attached files (or 50 articles) for Starter account or 1GB (or up to 20,000 articles) for Premium and Institutional account.
When using WizImporter to import from Mendeley/Zotero library, the bandwidth for item/attached files is 200MB for Stater account and 1GB for Premium and Institutional account (bibliographic data bandwidth will be not counted).
How is the Starter Account Article Item Limit calculated?
The 50 article item limit per month is based on the number of article items you have imported into your account per month. Articles items are Journal Articles, Book Chapters and Proceedings.
In the following month, the limit is reset to zero and you can import another 50 article items into your collection.
What happens when my Premium Subscription ends?
We will convert your account to a free Starter account. This means that you can still continue to collect and manage your references in WizFolio (subject to Starter Account limitations). We suggest that you backup all your uploaded files. If your storage exceeds the Starter Account limit of 1 Gb, you will not be able to add new items or upload files until you delete sufficient number of items and files. However you will still be able to continue to view your items and files.