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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I backup my account?
  • In the "My WizFolio" page, go to Settings. At the bottom of the page click on Go to Backup Page.
  • The backup request will be processed and you will receive an email with download link once the package is available for download.
  • Your Backup Package is a zip file containing all your bibliographic data and uploaded files. The bibliographic data in RIS format are organized in the same folder structure as your current account. The uploaded files are in a separate folder.
  • This is not an incremental backup. Each download is a complete backup of all your data. You are limited to one backup every 30 days. Alternatively you can export the bibliographic data from a specific folder as an RIS file anytime.
What happens when my Premium Subscription ends?
We will convert your account to a free Starter account. This means that you can still continue to collect and manage your references in WizFolio (subject to Starter Account limitations). We suggest that you backup all your uploaded files. If your storage exceeds the Starter Account limit of 1 Gb, you will not be able to add new items or upload files until you delete sufficient number of items and files. However you will still be able to continue to view your items and files.